Childcare for deaf and hard of hearing children

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What is this site about?

This is a free tool designed to help parents of deaf and hard of hearing children find appropriate child care providers who can not only communicate with their children, but also have the skills and desire to care for children who are deaf and hard of hearing. This can be in the role of an occasional babysitter for "date nights", a part-time or full-time regular nanny, child care for school breaks, tutor for your child, or even an ASL conversation partner for your family.  The benefits of this site are limited only by your needs and imagination!

Who is this site for?

This website serves families of children who are deaf and hard of hearing, both with and without additional needs.  It is also a place for deaf and hard of hearing adults experienced in child care to meet up with families who value their communication skills and experience.  Hearing child care providers are also welcome to participate, as long as they have the skills necessary to meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing children, especially in the area of communication.

Why do we need a website for this?

  • As parents of a deaf or hard of hearing child, you probably know that this is needed.  Unlike most families, you may not feel comfortable hiring the local high school student to babysit when she cannot communicate with little Johnny.  
  • If you are hearing parents with a deaf child and choose to sign with your child, a deaf (or fluent signer) babysitter can help both your child and you sign better.  She can be a language model in your home, and you can practice signed communication with your sitter.
  • Your deaf babysitter can serve as an adult deaf role model for you and your child.  She is living proof that deaf people do grow up to become deaf adults.  She may even help you find deaf events, resources, and community in your area.

How does this work?

Click on "Childcare Forum" on the left side of the screen.  From there,  choose whether you are a family or a childcare provider.  It may help to read the "Read Me First!" post before posting your own ad to get an idea of what you should write.  You'll probably have the best chance of finding someone compatible if you both post your own ad and search the postings in the other ad section.  Good luck, and I hope you find your perfect match!

Please remember to post your contact information if you want someone to contact you! 

Safety Note

Please be advised that child care providers and families on this site are not pre-screened or affiliated with the creator of this site or Gallaudet University in any way.  I strongly recommend that you thoroughly check the references and background of any person or family you may find on this site.

 For more information on nanny background checks, you can view either of the following articles: 


Many different places offer background checks for a fee.  One option is: or you can search for a reliable source on your own.